Boating and Paddling Opportunities

Boat launches are available in nearly every riverside community along the Wisconsin Great River Road. The entire river along Wisconsin’s western border is a veritable boating playground. Broad pools, winding channels and extensive backwaters offer hundreds of thousands of acres of open water to explore. Whether you’re paddling, sailing or powerboating, the Mississippi River is an incredible boating experience.

Boating Maps for the Mississippi River along the Wisconsin Great River Road.

Here are some of the top boating opportunities along the Wisconsin Great River Road:

Lake Pepin
Lake PepinMore than 25,000 acres of open water awaits you on Lake Pepin. This natural lake was formed by a natural sandbar created where the Chippewa River spills into the Mississippi. The result is one of the best places on earth for sailing and boating. Waterskiing was invented on this big body of water. Numerous marinas and boat launches can be found along its shores.

Lake Onalaska
Kayaking on Lake OnalaskaAt 7,700 acres, Lake Onalaska offers boaters lots of room to explore. The lake is famous not only as a boating and paddling destination – it’s also known as the “Sunfish Capital of the World.” Backwater areas and quiet sloughs are perfect for canoeing and kayaking.

Lake Winneshiek (Pool #9)
This wild and undeveloped stretch near Lynxville and Ferryville offers thousands of acres of open water just waiting to be explored with a canoe or kayak. At the northern and southern ends of the pool, the river splits into numerous channels. Boat launches are located along the eastern shore, allowing easy access to this pristine section of the Mississippi River. Numerous stumps and islands make this a challenging stretch for motorboats.